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new MOM in japan



not Goodbye

boy does time fly!! it’s already been a week and a half since Sobou left Japan and returned to the states.

we had a good time while she was here. we “rode the premium wind” Shimakaze train, went to the beach, E.G.was born, had a library Day, an aquarium day, got rained on during a local festival, watched hula dancing at said festival, watched E.G. get a blessing at church, ate wonderful food cooked by our church family, relaxed at home, had daily photo shoots with the kids…

what a great month it was!!  thank you for flying over the ocean to see us!! come visit us again!! love you bunches Sobou!!!IMG_2801

just, see you again!!

Fun Day 2 of 2

Fun Day 1 of 2


AMERICA. just the sound of it bring shivers. being here, is overwhelming. the vastness, the depth, and the new faces!! Going from a country of Japanese people to one of many faces and colors shook up Noah. but there was one thing that covered the gap…

CARS, AIRPLANES, and especially the CAT

in the house surrounded by new faces Noah became a mommas boy, but in the yard on the CAT he was the driver. And anyone who ventured out to play with him automatically went from stranger to friend to family.IMG_0269

first up was Sobou (aka. grandma) She was the provider of the CAT and the airplanes but still the test was necessary. She passed with flying colors! next up was OG (aka grandpa). His pushing was a little slow, but his enthusiasm got him the passing grade! Amount Joyce ventured out the first day but only talked, so she has yet to be tested. The next day uncle Phil arrived. The king of cars. He caught on to Noah’s love of the CAT sounds but his vast knowledge of any and everything set him above. he Passed!IMG_0271

how about you? Are you up to the test? Do you have what it takes? There is only one way to find out…IMG_0272

July 31

to be continued

this is a story about ME

thank you so much for the album storybook Sobou!!!  It’s great!! I love how it tells a story. The life of Noah. All the pictures are chosen so well!  Noah loves it already!!image

it was nice to come home to the package. The coat, hat, and gloves are also nice!!  The hat is too cute!

So this is a shout out to you Sobou!!! Love ya!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😘

a surprise

came in the mail today. just as we were getting ready for Christmas!!  we celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday so we were already in Christmas mode. even playing jazzy Christmas music.  

then, this wonderful card came in the mail and reminded us we are to continue to give thanks for what we have and the blessings we have received this year.  

Thank you Sobou!!


yesterday Noah a great talk through LINE with his Sobou (grandmother in Japanese). he talked so well! I was surprised they talked for so long. I guess he had a lot to catch her up to. hehe

but also he is very used to seeing her. every few days Sobou blesses us with a bible story read specially for Noah. he watches them on my smartphone (tech baby).

so this is a special THANK YOU going out to Sobou!! can’t wait for the next video!!!

IMG_4798 - コピー

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