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new MOM in japan


Food and drink

Comforts and food

the Flu has infiltrated!! but we didn’t realize it till it got daddy! so that is the real reason we have all had these “colds” recently. but you know what that means… comfort-food!!!


gotta love hot chicken soup. now in the states i like the egg noodles, but my Japanese version has rice. which tastes just as good. this time i also added ginger and sweet potatoes, YUM!

other then that we just rested and relaxed at home. EG helped her bro brush his teeth and we also destroyed (or ate) our gingerbread house!! even more YUM!

well, till next time…cheers



Dinner time!!

E.G. loves to be held! Put her down and five minutes later you will regret it. but if you keep holding her your arms and upper back will regret it….

anyway, it was dinner time in the Ashida house and just as were sitting to eat E.G. started to “sing!” N. offered to hold her.  but apparently she’s “too heavy. ” so dad took over.IMG_2857

but E.G. just kept on singin!!! Till she had her own dinner. then she konked out.

the endIMG_2858

A New Experience


Ice cream


IMG_0440a nice end to the day at the Budweiser factory

to be continued…

Beer or Horses?

Christmas time

every year seems a bit busy. but this year has been different. i have my son Noah to take care of, but this Christmas has been quite relaxing. Kosaka Church was busy for Mama Cafe Christmas, then Kids & Family Christmas. a week later was ELROY Christmas. That ended on Dec. 19! after that, no major plans. just enjoying the holiday and events at other churches.

Then came Dec. 23.  it’s a national holiday here in Japan, so we decided to have our Candlelight Christmas Dinner on that day. we kept everything minimal and were able to prepare the dinner quickly. everyone helped by bringing their own special dish.

a great time was had by all. in the holiday rush i’m thankful we were able to enjoy a relaxing Christmas. and it’s not over jet!! today is Dec. 24 so there is still lots of holiday left to enjoy!!!!


Mama Christmas 

today I enjoyed my first Christmas event of the season. Kosaka Zion Church held their first Mama Cafe Christmas!!!  twice a month the church opens its doors to mothers with small children. there are not many places where moms can go and just relax. at Mam Cafe they have staff available to play with the children so moms can enjoy some time to themselves talking and eating snacks.  

 For the Christmas event we had a short English lesson for the kids. After that was Storytime.  After Storytime we ate lunch together and had cake too!!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I did too!!

Noah slept half the time. But he enjoyed it too!!


eats and treats. after finishing making the signs for mama cafe we got crafty with desert!  with yogurt, roll cake, a banana, honey, and granola we made yummy parfaits!!!

then at mama cafe we set out the signs we made. as mommies pass by i pray they may be drawn to our mission and come for a relaxing time. ♪(v^_^) 

silver week day 3

BBQ!!  BBQ!!!

our last day of silver week we started with a BBQ! Noah’s first BBQ. too bad he was sleeping the whole time. but that gave mom and dad the chance to eat and enjoy the nice weather.

 the neighbors were outside too so we talked to them a bit. they are on the other side of a concrete wall so at first they didn’t know what we were doing. their daughter came over first. they were surprised to see us but it was a good icebreaker and opportunity to talk a little bit.

the rest of the day we enjoyed relaxing in the house. we practiced some music for the band and took a walk as the sun went down. it was a good holiday! the weather cooled off just in time for everyone to be able to get out and enjoy it.  and we had lots of family time and sleeping time.

tomorrow dad is back to work


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