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fevers and plans

EG had her first official fever!!! this morning she was her usual self, but by noon she was crying something crazy and her forehead was steaming!! but with her only being 5 months old the only thing I could do is breastfeed and try to make her as comfortable as possible so she can sleep.

then there is big brother who always has energy to spare. he’s been in the habit of watching his favorite monster truck video right when he gets home from school. so I decided to give him a little something to distract him for a while. my plan is for this to become a habit when he gets home rather then watching something on tv. i’ll let you know how it goes!643e6440-05ed-413f-a91f-729cec05b283

prayers for EG!  until next time…

LED cross

over the weekend the Ashida family took a car drive to Kawanishi city but not entirely for pleasure. for the hubby it was for work as well (or mostly). we drove to a church there that was opening a home for the elderly with a daycare and nursery on the the first floor. on their roof they have a cross and on that cross Itaru was to attach the LED parts that he made.

he had been working on them for the past four months taking his free time in the evenings after work and Saturdays. by Gods grace he was able to finish everything just in time. image

this is the 3rd cross he has made, but it’s the first one i have been able to see up close as he was assembling it and after it was complete. it was a work of art to behold!! not only is the cross a bright beacon shining brightly in darkness, but also up close the workmanship shows his passion and attention to detail.  i’m glad i was able to see it up close and watch as he worked. image

it was also nice to see another church. one that is doing so much for the community. it has a nursery school, international elementary junior and high school, now a home for the elderly, a rehabilitation center for the elderly, and many more ministries that i’m not even aware of. so we must not be discouraged!! God is working in Japan!!image

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