Girl (Carla) Meets World

new MOM in japan



to the Library

since E.G. and I are mobile now, and the weather is cooling off (a little) we started going back to the library!!  This time we met a friend of mine there.

I planned to listen to storytime there, but N. found the cars to be a bit more entertaining. And E.G. just slept. IMG_2873

After saying “bye” to my friend we had a quick snack then head back home on the bus.

Good times!!

Fun Day 1 of 2

Konnichi Wa!!!

Konnichi wa peoples!!! How are things going in your neck of the woods?  Good I hope.  Things are going fine here.  Everyone’s working hard, doing what they got to do.  I made a major step in my plans for China today.  I BOUGHT MY TICKETS!!!! yes.  I am at the point of no return and I am extremely excited.  I now know for sure that I will be leaving the states September 1st to arrive at Hong Kong on the 2nd.  I will then travel to shuizai (the "town" I will be in) and then December 15th I am headed to Japan for 2 weeks (yes Japan) (yes 2 weeks) (I can’t waint!!) and then I shall return home on the 30th just in time for new years!!  I’m super excited and I can’t wait till this super exciting, difficult, interesting, part of my college career begins!!


Well, also today me, my mom, 3 aunts, one uncle, and 3 cousins, all went to take family pictures today.  It was fun and the pics came out to be nice, but we didn’t buy all of them.  My mom only got the one she took with her sisters and her brother.  Then we walked around the mall.


I got to read a lot from the Peter Hessler book today also.  The more I read it the better it is.  Every experience he has is interesting and I can’t wait to make my own.  But at the same time he seems sometimes to be a little harsh on Chinese cultures.  I know it is impossible to live in China and not compare it to the states (since that is what we know the best), but at the same time, noone had the same history and that means a lot.  Hostory is a big part of everyone’s lives.  It makes up who you are, why you think a certain way, why you do certain things.  But that is simply one down point against many good things about the book.  It’s still a wonderful read.

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