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new MOM in japan




And Typhoons!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 2:20pm Japan time. A typhoon is blasting up the coast and coming over Osaka. N. is home from school, dad is home from work, mom and E.G. are always home…  the shopping is done, loose outdoor items are tied down, storm shutters are closed.

However, 3 hrs ago… we were talking it up on video group call!! and laughing it up with crazy group call games and silly faces. I just love talking to family! Always a hoot!

Now, back to the typhoon. Wind is so strong the house is shaking!! Scary!! Meanwhile, N. is still playing with toys, E.G. is still sleep, and Dad is taking a nap.

See you on the other side of this storm!image

Happy New Year!

Wow! That was quite the gap!!  But its been busy and we’ve gone through a lot of changes.  New/Old job, new school, new dreams, new baby (on the way), and much more!

We went over hurdles and through obstacles but we got through praising God for being with us the entire time.

I just wanted to say “Happy New Year!” because I didn’t say it yet! And I hope to fill in some gaps as time goes by and I get a little more free time when I start MATERNITY LEAVE!!!

Yeah!!  Talk to ya later!


わがまま (wa ga ma ma)

A term I hear my husband using a lot lately with Noah.

in the Google dictionary it is translated as “self-indulgence. ”  A not so common term used to describe 2 year olds however, when defined by Webster :excessive or unrestrained gratification of one’s own appetites, desires, or whims; it sounds about right.

Yep. That would be how I would describe Noah right now. And if he isn’t gratified (which is most of the time) then the waterworks start.  The crocodile tears start flowin.

So what’s a mom like me and a dad supposed to do??!!  Well, I guess I’ll just take these days between the good days a pray the latter occurs with greater frequency.


AMERICA. just the sound of it bring shivers. being here, is overwhelming. the vastness, the depth, and the new faces!! Going from a country of Japanese people to one of many faces and colors shook up Noah. but there was one thing that covered the gap…

CARS, AIRPLANES, and especially the CAT

in the house surrounded by new faces Noah became a mommas boy, but in the yard on the CAT he was the driver. And anyone who ventured out to play with him automatically went from stranger to friend to family.IMG_0269

first up was Sobou (aka. grandma) She was the provider of the CAT and the airplanes but still the test was necessary. She passed with flying colors! next up was OG (aka grandpa). His pushing was a little slow, but his enthusiasm got him the passing grade! Amount Joyce ventured out the first day but only talked, so she has yet to be tested. The next day uncle Phil arrived. The king of cars. He caught on to Noah’s love of the CAT sounds but his vast knowledge of any and everything set him above. he Passed!IMG_0271

how about you? Are you up to the test? Do you have what it takes? There is only one way to find out…IMG_0272

July 31

to be continued

it’s rough

being a 1 year old named Noah;

Your nose is constantly running,

or stuffed.

At school you pick up new viruses every month.

You got rashes in all those places.

You got new teeth coming in.

Cant sleep longer then 2 hours at a time.

Want to sleep in mom and dad’s bed but they won’t let you. (Cuz you’re a kicker)

Want to run but keep fallin.

Want to climb but keep fallin.

Want to eat by yourself but can’t quite get it right sometimes.

and the list goes on and on. but he’s still got a smile on his face everyday and is always looking for that extra laugh.  That’s my boy!! Love ya!! ❤️❤️😘😍👶🏽😘😘😘😘image

and enjoyed the face time Sobou and OG!❤️

from Fun to Fever

today started out as the usual Saturday. Noah and I had plans to go to a Halloween party! so we woke up, had a nice ham and eggs breakfast (courtesy of dad) and got into our costumes. Noah fell asleep before we left the house. I thought it was s bit odd for him to nap in the morning, but off we went at about 9am.

We enjoyed the party!! Got candy, played with lots of other kids Noah’s age and ate out for lunch! Noah ran around and played as normal. But while changing his diaper before getting on the train home Noah felt hot and he looked super drowsy.image

So got on the train to get home and Noah slept again. He slept all the way home and more. When he finally woke up we took his temp, 38.3 Celsius!! (which is like 100.9 Fahrenheit)  we had a little snack then went upstairs to get more rest. We all slept this time and woke up to get ready for dinner.

Noah ate dinner well (he still has his appetite) so that was reassuring. So we will see how he is in the morning.


Noah’s teachers said they had to change his poo poo diaper 6 TIMES today!!  It’s nice knowing the yogurt is having a good effect on him. But a little unfortunate for his teachers…

im just a bit relieved it’s not me… Hehehe


so what’s a hernia anyway? i thought. and thanks to Wikipedia i got a good idea. starting at hernia, i found my way to paraumbilical hernia: which “is a protrusion of the abdominal contents, including mesenteric fat or bowel, through a weak point of the muscles or ligaments near the navel. It can lead to discomfort when fatty tissue gets trapped and a lump can be felt or seen. [1] Whilst they are not usually life-threatening, routine surgical treatment is usually advised to prevent enlargement or strangulation or obstruction of the gut.”

oh… not to bad. but still pretty painful and i’m not too excited about the thought of going through another surgery. 

well we went to the next hospital after Itaru got off work. we were expecting to wait a while, but the doctor saw me quickly.  felt around my stomach (which wasn’t hurting) and suggested i get a CT scan to check out my insides. the scan didn’t take long, but it was a new experience for me. and i was sent back to the doctor. 

he showed me the scan and said it wasn’t hernia. YAHOOOO!!!!!!  he then pointed out my abdominals and said that they were still rather far apart (during pregnancy they separate). that created a weak point where perhaps on occasion my insides try to come outside (hehe).  so he gave me the OK. NO SURGERY!!! YEAH!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!


the end

rainy thursday 

and hospital Friday. yep, the hospital. Thursday afternoon I was feeling pain in my stomach, just above my belly button. it has happened before occasionally, but this time was particularly painful and it hurt for quite a while.

the OBGYN is just next door, so first we went there to see if the doctor could tell us what was up. he felt around on my stomach and took a look with the sonogram but said we should go to a different doctor. it was not in his realm of expertise.

so we walked up to a nearby clinic. one was closed, so we tried one more. for me, the pain was still there and walking hurt, but it was subsiding. when we got to the clinic we had to wait a bit before seeing the next doctor. he felt around on my stomach as well but my now the pain was gone almost entirely. so it was difficult for him to diagnose. but he recommended us to see another doctor because it might be a hernia. HERNIA?!!??

the rest of the story, to be continued…

by the way, Noah had a good day in his new rocker!!!  🙂

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