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September 2018


And Typhoons!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 2:20pm Japan time. A typhoon is blasting up the coast and coming over Osaka. N. is home from school, dad is home from work, mom and E.G. are always home…  the shopping is done, loose outdoor items are tied down, storm shutters are closed.

However, 3 hrs ago… we were talking it up on video group call!! and laughing it up with crazy group call games and silly faces. I just love talking to family! Always a hoot!

Now, back to the typhoon. Wind is so strong the house is shaking!! Scary!! Meanwhile, N. is still playing with toys, E.G. is still sleep, and Dad is taking a nap.

See you on the other side of this storm!image

to the Library

since E.G. and I are mobile now, and the weather is cooling off (a little) we started going back to the library!!  This time we met a friend of mine there.

I planned to listen to storytime there, but N. found the cars to be a bit more entertaining. And E.G. just slept. IMG_2873

After saying “bye” to my friend we had a quick snack then head back home on the bus.

Good times!!

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