The very next day we got up early, ate a yummy breakfast, then got ready to go to Osaka’s famous aquarium. The “KaiYu Kan”!!! We used a car share to drive out there. The traffic was pretty bad, but we got there just in time to get to the food court before the rush!! We ate, then headed to see the fishes!!

Noah is always a bit timid the first time he does anything. And the aquarium was no different. We went up a long escalator then turned the corner to a dark blue tunnel with fish swimming all around us. Daddy helped N. take his first steps and he was running in no time!


Once we got farther in E.G. joined us and seemed to really enjoy the blue. There was also nice soothing music playing in the background. She just kept her eyes on the water.


After the aquarium we left with just 5 minutes to get to the sightseeing boat the Santa Maria. We made it!!! And got premium seats in the first class cabin. It was a nice way to end our day. Relaxing on the boat and enjoying the sights.


Or trip ended with more traffic. But we got home in time to turn the car in!! What an amazing day!!

now tomorrow is a rest day.