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new MOM in japan


July 2018

the calm

Elijah is a good sleeper during the day. she  wakes up to eat and get her diaper changed. that’s about it.

but I realized that is just until big brother gets home!! then she can’t keep her eyes closed! and even when she looks tired she fights it to stay awake!!IMG_2515

she already knows, life is more exciting with big brother around!!

take a walk♫

a typhoon is coming!!! or so they said on the news. but the rain clouds are heading off in another direction. so after two weeks being stuck inside, i was ready for a little walk. and the typhoon actually did us a favor and sent us some cool breezes.

Elijah joined us too! She walked with dad and enjoyed it so much she fell asleep. Noah walked with me and was our leader, directing us where to go.

it was our first outing as a family of 4!! and I think everyone enjoyed it!!IMG_2494


my current situation. (do people use that?). well, anyway. I’m back on the blog!

i’m also back at home from the hospital! I went in on July 16th to prep for my c-section. and on July 17th at 1:35pm Elijah Grace Ashida was brought into the world!!

and so life with 2 children begins!! breastfeeding one and helping get the other ready for school. breastfeeding one and playing with the other. hoping one will stay sleep just a little longer and helping the other get ready for bedtime.

then, mcs; one sleeping at my head, the other at my feet, and me on the edge of the bed trying not to fall off. IMG_2452

but i am thankful for every second of it and know ALL my blessings come from my Father in heaven.

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