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Hero or Villain??

i’m pretty sure Noah is a superbaby!!!  But there are times when I’m not sure if he is a superhero or a super villain!

just as we finished filling the tub with water and I am getting ready to jump in… Noah comes running into the bathroom, daddy’s iPhone in one hand and a big smile on his face. i was able to stop him just inches from the tub full of water, grab the phone from his hand and make him do an about-face.

villianism doesn’t pay!!



is almost over!! looking at my blog I realize I haven’t updated since Christmas!! and boy has a lot happened since then!! but I won’t bore you all with those details. I just recently thought that there are so many small little things Noah does everyday that I want to share. but the next thing I know it’s a week later!!

anyway, this is a story my hubby told me. this happened while I was in the shower: Noah is crying as usual right after I close the bathroom door. it’s late, he tired, but he needs a bath and he’s got to wait till I get washed first. hubby said he was crying, then suddenly he stopped, stood up quickly and walked to our front door. he goes there on occation so hubby wasn’t too surprised. after hearing some rustling Noah comes back holding a big 1liter bottle of water we had in his stroller! he’s shaking it and blabbing. he’s thirsty!! hubby thought. so he gets Noah mug, fills it with water and Noah drinks the whole thing, twice over. no more crying

after events like this I so often think Noah is a super baby!! he can’t speak yet but he tries so hard to communicate with us. and when we just don’t get it he makes our jaws drop by doing amazing things. I mean, we put that bottle in the stroller in morning and didn’t even take it out all day!! Noah remembered it was there long after we had arrived home.


merry Christmas!!!

and happy birthday Jesus!!!! 

did everyone enjoy the day?  we did here in Osaka!! we started the day with a yummy breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, and applesauce!!  we opened our presents from family and took lots of pictures to share with family in the States. 

the rest of the day was relaxing. we watched classic Christmas television courtesy of YouTube. then a friend of ours came over for dinner!! it was a very merry christmas for the Ashidas.  


Christmas time

every year seems a bit busy. but this year has been different. i have my son Noah to take care of, but this Christmas has been quite relaxing. Kosaka Church was busy for Mama Cafe Christmas, then Kids & Family Christmas. a week later was ELROY Christmas. That ended on Dec. 19! after that, no major plans. just enjoying the holiday and events at other churches.

Then came Dec. 23.  it’s a national holiday here in Japan, so we decided to have our Candlelight Christmas Dinner on that day. we kept everything minimal and were able to prepare the dinner quickly. everyone helped by bringing their own special dish.

a great time was had by all. in the holiday rush i’m thankful we were able to enjoy a relaxing Christmas. and it’s not over jet!! today is Dec. 24 so there is still lots of holiday left to enjoy!!!!


Mama Christmas 

today I enjoyed my first Christmas event of the season. Kosaka Zion Church held their first Mama Cafe Christmas!!!  twice a month the church opens its doors to mothers with small children. there are not many places where moms can go and just relax. at Mam Cafe they have staff available to play with the children so moms can enjoy some time to themselves talking and eating snacks.  

 For the Christmas event we had a short English lesson for the kids. After that was Storytime.  After Storytime we ate lunch together and had cake too!!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I did too!!

Noah slept half the time. But he enjoyed it too!!

busy, thoughtful days

are here. my husband has started a new job!  he leaves at 8am these days instead of 6am. that is a positive. but he comes home after 6pm at night. that is a negative. I know many people have worse schedules, but it’s a big change from before. I have a lot to get used to. Noah too!! 

so on some free days I hope friends and their kids can come over for play dates. Noah can play with new friends and I can talk to other moms too. and it’s motivation for me to keep the house clean!!

so there are still many blessings in my life even though things are changing. but I continue to pray for guidance and wisdom as to which path is best for my family.  


a surprise

came in the mail today. just as we were getting ready for Christmas!!  we celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday so we were already in Christmas mode. even playing jazzy Christmas music.  

then, this wonderful card came in the mail and reminded us we are to continue to give thanks for what we have and the blessings we have received this year.  

Thank you Sobou!!


comes early in Japan. it is not celebrated the same way, so me and fellow church members from the US and Canada get together and plan a church event. every year we get a turkey and a pumpkin pie from COSTCO. our food loving friend from Canada brines and cooks the turkey at church. 

this year i made mac n cheese from a new recipe. it was easy to cook and tasted great!! we also had garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, and cheese bread. it all tasted wonderful and our friends who had never tasted turkey before were able to try it. 

Noah couldn’t enjoy the tastes but he was ready with his thanksgiving onsie from Sobou!!  i wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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