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new MOM in japan

Comforts and food

the Flu has infiltrated!! but we didn’t realize it till it got daddy! so that is the real reason we have all had these “colds” recently. but you know what that means… comfort-food!!!


gotta love hot chicken soup. now in the states i like the egg noodles, but my Japanese version has rice. which tastes just as good. this time i also added ginger and sweet potatoes, YUM!

other then that we just rested and relaxed at home. EG helped her bro brush his teeth and we also destroyed (or ate) our gingerbread house!! even more YUM!

well, till next time…cheers



fevers and plans

EG had her first official fever!!! this morning she was her usual self, but by noon she was crying something crazy and her forehead was steaming!! but with her only being 5 months old the only thing I could do is breastfeed and try to make her as comfortable as possible so she can sleep.

then there is big brother who always has energy to spare. he’s been in the habit of watching his favorite monster truck video right when he gets home from school. so I decided to give him a little something to distract him for a while. my plan is for this to become a habit when he gets home rather then watching something on tv. i’ll let you know how it goes!643e6440-05ed-413f-a91f-729cec05b283

prayers for EG!  until next time…


And Typhoons!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 2:20pm Japan time. A typhoon is blasting up the coast and coming over Osaka. N. is home from school, dad is home from work, mom and E.G. are always home…  the shopping is done, loose outdoor items are tied down, storm shutters are closed.

However, 3 hrs ago… we were talking it up on video group call!! and laughing it up with crazy group call games and silly faces. I just love talking to family! Always a hoot!

Now, back to the typhoon. Wind is so strong the house is shaking!! Scary!! Meanwhile, N. is still playing with toys, E.G. is still sleep, and Dad is taking a nap.

See you on the other side of this storm!image

to the Library

since E.G. and I are mobile now, and the weather is cooling off (a little) we started going back to the library!!  This time we met a friend of mine there.

I planned to listen to storytime there, but N. found the cars to be a bit more entertaining. And E.G. just slept. IMG_2873

After saying “bye” to my friend we had a quick snack then head back home on the bus.

Good times!!

Dinner time!!

E.G. loves to be held! Put her down and five minutes later you will regret it. but if you keep holding her your arms and upper back will regret it….

anyway, it was dinner time in the Ashida house and just as were sitting to eat E.G. started to “sing!” N. offered to hold her.  but apparently she’s “too heavy. ” so dad took over.IMG_2857

but E.G. just kept on singin!!! Till she had her own dinner. then she konked out.

the endIMG_2858

not Goodbye

boy does time fly!! it’s already been a week and a half since Sobou left Japan and returned to the states.

we had a good time while she was here. we “rode the premium wind” Shimakaze train, went to the beach, E.G.was born, had a library Day, an aquarium day, got rained on during a local festival, watched hula dancing at said festival, watched E.G. get a blessing at church, ate wonderful food cooked by our church family, relaxed at home, had daily photo shoots with the kids…

what a great month it was!!  thank you for flying over the ocean to see us!! come visit us again!! love you bunches Sobou!!!IMG_2801

just, see you again!!

Fun Day 2 of 2

Fun Day 1 of 2

the calm

Elijah is a good sleeper during the day. she  wakes up to eat and get her diaper changed. that’s about it.

but I realized that is just until big brother gets home!! then she can’t keep her eyes closed! and even when she looks tired she fights it to stay awake!!IMG_2515

she already knows, life is more exciting with big brother around!!

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