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new MOM in japan

Mama Chari

so, we are back from the states (about 1 month ago). ¬†sorry I didn’t quite keep up with those journals, but that’s life right!!

mama chari. what’s that? you might ask. it’s a bicycle ūüö≤¬†that moms use here in Japan. they have child seats in the front, back, or both!!! ¬†we have finally been able to purchase one with money saved from my once a month English lesson at Kosaka Zion Church.


so we finally have a mama chari!!!! #blessed #thankful

photos with Noah riding coming soon!!



Ice cream


IMG_0440a nice end to the day at the Budweiser factory

to be continued…

Beer or Horses?

Day at the park

August 1

this day started off like any other day. Noah woke up at about 4am saying he was hungry. I took him up for half a bowl of oatmeal to settle him down.  After a while longer of rolling around in the bed he finally gets comfortable enough to fall back asleep.

but I unfortunately was still awake. Listening to the birds in the trees, the crickets and cicadas singing, and the occasional snore.

Once the rest of the world decided to wake up we headed to the local park. But not before Noah had his daily ride on the CAT. uncle Phil proved his worthiness and then we headed off.  Noah walked all the way there! It was about 20 minutes on his little legs. Then we walked across the vast fields, played at the playground, swung on the swings and enjoyed the green all around.

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day! Noah was a bit shy with the other kids that were around, but he followed behind them wherever they went. And wanted to do what they were doing. Maybe when you’re older Noah!

to be continued…


AMERICA. just the sound of it bring shivers. being here, is overwhelming. the vastness, the depth, and the new faces!! Going from a country of Japanese people to one of many faces and colors shook up Noah. but there was one thing that covered the gap…

CARS, AIRPLANES, and especially the CAT

in the house surrounded by new faces Noah became a mommas boy, but in the yard on the CAT he was the driver. And anyone who ventured out to play with him automatically went from stranger to friend to family.IMG_0269

first up was Sobou (aka. grandma) She was the provider of the CAT and the airplanes but still the test was necessary. She passed with flying colors! next up was OG (aka grandpa). His pushing was a little slow, but his enthusiasm got him the passing grade! Amount Joyce ventured out the first day but only talked, so she has yet to be tested. The next day uncle Phil arrived. The king of cars. He caught on to Noah’s love of the CAT sounds but his vast knowledge of any and everything set him above. he Passed!IMG_0271

how about you? Are you up to the test? Do you have what it takes? There is only one way to find out…IMG_0272

July 31

to be continued


we have arrived!!! The Ashida family is in AMERICA!! For the next 2 weeks we are here to see family and friends. The flight over was not bad. Noah ended up sleeping for about 6 hours (praise the LORD). The other time we were either eating or looking at Mickey Mouse. We brought a few items to keep Noah busy, but didn’t use any of them!IMG_0242

our only trouble on the way here was in Dallas. Our plane was delayed getting into the gate, then we waited for what seemed like eternity to get our bags. Customs was rather quick, however our time was already stretched thin.  We had to take a shuttle to another set of gates then run. But we were still too late. Missed our flight into St. Louis.

since the delay was not our fault, we hot a super discount on a hotel, and an extra day of rest. We enjoyed the time to sleep horizontally and stretch our legs.IMG_0243

we arrive during safely into Lambert on Sunday night and the grandparents were waiting with a nice sign and big smiles! Our luggage had arrived the day before, so there was no wait this time. We were home!

to be continued…

July 29-30


more teeth for Noah!!! I knew the random crying and the sleepless nights were not meaningless. Noah now has all his baby teeth on the bottom. The last hurdle is yet to come. But once the top back molars come in he’s just got to work on keeping them clean!! Yes!!!



SATURDAY started our weekend with an English class I teach once a month at church. I started a new plan an invited children ages 1.5~5!! More children then I imagined were able to come and I was a bit nervous at first.

However, I had support from my hubby, and another mother and father from church. We were able to get through the class with everyone enjoying their time.

I also had my son with me. He is sometimes a handful, but I enjoy teaching him and watching him grow!!IMG_0224

Merry and Happy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

The end of 2016 was a busy rush of work, Christmas events, and running after Noah. But we got through and enjoyed time with family and friends.

We are so thankful for this past year. It had its ups and downs, pains and joys; but all in, we can do nothing but give thanks. We look forward to 2017 and everything that is to come. The pastors message today was “to obey.” To put Christ first in everything and leave your “self” behind. That the Bible is big book about “Love and Sacrifice” and that is how our lives should be too.

So, resolutions!! Resolutions! Goals! Do the best I can for my family. Read the Bible, listen and OBEY. Get across the Pacific Ocean! Love! Sacrifice.

Happy New Year!!! img_9216

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