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Merry and Happy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

The end of 2016 was a busy rush of work, Christmas events, and running after Noah. But we got through and enjoyed time with family and friends.

We are so thankful for this past year. It had its ups and downs, pains and joys; but all in, we can do nothing but give thanks. We look forward to 2017 and everything that is to come. The pastors message today was “to obey.” To put Christ first in everything and leave your “self” behind. That the Bible is big book about “Love and Sacrifice” and that is how our lives should be too.

So, resolutions!! Resolutions! Goals! Do the best I can for my family. Read the Bible, listen and OBEY. Get across the Pacific Ocean! Love! Sacrifice.

Happy New Year!!! img_9216

Man in the mirror

things have been pretty crazy around here. everyone is taking turns getting sick, watching the news is depressing, and it all makes me want to crawl into a hole for the next few years.

but life goes on. colds get better, the news is still the same, but you learn to take things one day at a time. if we continue looking back then we can’t move forward.

Noah, on the other hand is the same as always. and he’s recently made a new friend. the boy in the tv that looks just like him!! moves like him, dances like him, and  makes mischief like him. I’m gonna spend my days hanging out with these two! 😊🤗😍👶🏽👶🏽image

sports day

Noah had his first Sports Day!! In Japan almost every school has an event once a year where all the students can showcase different physical skills. for Noah is was dancing, climbing over mats, throwing balls into boxes, and being pulled around in a box (by me).

It was an exciting day! I was busy taking video with the camera and participating, so only photos from before and after!  If I have time, perhaps I’ll make a short video with all the clips I got!  image

But anyway! It was fun seeing Noah run around and be chased by his teachers. I can tell he really enjoys daycare and everyone loves him. Good job today to all the teachers. I think they were working the hardest out of everyone!

culture day

here in Japan is a national holiday so we got Thursday off this week! The weather had been nice all week so we planned to have a picnic in the park. To our delight the weather did not change for the worse. It was a bit chilly in the shade, but very nice in the sun!!

dad made some yummy sandwiches to take a long with us and off we went after a morning of laundry, folding clothes, and digging out winter clothes. image

it was so nice to enjoy a day with family outside. with no major plans, just enjoy ourselves. say hello to people walking by. try to join soccer games with the big kids, and just run to our (Noah’s) hearts content.

Cant wait for Saturday!! We have another big event for Noah coming up!!image

weekend recap

this weekend we had nice weather! just a bit cold in the evenings. last Sunday Noahwas out sick, so this week we went all out and dressed up nice. had lunch in a park near church and enjoyed the service and fellowship. image

How was your weekend??


Noah was yelling about something (as usual) and I got a glimpse of white where I hadn’t seen it before. I was able to lay Noah down and he was calm enough to let me get a good look into that mouth of his. I saw not 1,

not 2,

not 4,

but 5 new teeth coming in!! All at the same time!!  This boy is busy getting his growing up on!!image

and not to mention a few Halloween festivities. We didn’t really do anything as a family, but at work I dressed up for our school partyimage

and Noah had fun trick or treating around the neighborhood with his schoolmates. image

this is a story about ME

thank you so much for the album storybook Sobou!!!  It’s great!! I love how it tells a story. The life of Noah. All the pictures are chosen so well!  Noah loves it already!!image

it was nice to come home to the package. The coat, hat, and gloves are also nice!!  The hat is too cute!

So this is a shout out to you Sobou!!! Love ya!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😘

it’s rough

being a 1 year old named Noah;

Your nose is constantly running,

or stuffed.

At school you pick up new viruses every month.

You got rashes in all those places.

You got new teeth coming in.

Cant sleep longer then 2 hours at a time.

Want to sleep in mom and dad’s bed but they won’t let you. (Cuz you’re a kicker)

Want to run but keep fallin.

Want to climb but keep fallin.

Want to eat by yourself but can’t quite get it right sometimes.

and the list goes on and on. but he’s still got a smile on his face everyday and is always looking for that extra laugh.  That’s my boy!! Love ya!! ❤️❤️😘😍👶🏽😘😘😘😘image

and enjoyed the face time Sobou and OG!❤️

Sleep, sleep

sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Noahs fever continued today although a little lower. We stayed home from church and took it easy. Noah slept any chance he got (and I did too!) hehe.

We weren’t able to go outside but we did enjoy the beautiful evening sky. Even through our trials, living in Gods love allows us to see beauty around us.image

Tomorrow it’s off to the hospital to see what’s up.

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