Girl (Carla) Meets World

new MOM in japan

it’s rough

being a 1 year old named Noah;

Your nose is constantly running,

or stuffed.

At school you pick up new viruses every month.

You got rashes in all those places.

You got new teeth coming in.

Cant sleep longer then 2 hours at a time.

Want to sleep in mom and dad’s bed but they won’t let you. (Cuz you’re a kicker)

Want to run but keep fallin.

Want to climb but keep fallin.

Want to eat by yourself but can’t quite get it right sometimes.

and the list goes on and on. but he’s still got a smile on his face everyday and is always looking for that extra laugh.  That’s my boy!! Love ya!! ❤️❤️😘😍👶🏽😘😘😘😘image

and enjoyed the face time Sobou and OG!❤️

Sleep, sleep

sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Noahs fever continued today although a little lower. We stayed home from church and took it easy. Noah slept any chance he got (and I did too!) hehe.

We weren’t able to go outside but we did enjoy the beautiful evening sky. Even through our trials, living in Gods love allows us to see beauty around us.image

Tomorrow it’s off to the hospital to see what’s up.

from Fun to Fever

today started out as the usual Saturday. Noah and I had plans to go to a Halloween party! so we woke up, had a nice ham and eggs breakfast (courtesy of dad) and got into our costumes. Noah fell asleep before we left the house. I thought it was s bit odd for him to nap in the morning, but off we went at about 9am.

We enjoyed the party!! Got candy, played with lots of other kids Noah’s age and ate out for lunch! Noah ran around and played as normal. But while changing his diaper before getting on the train home Noah felt hot and he looked super drowsy.image

So got on the train to get home and Noah slept again. He slept all the way home and more. When he finally woke up we took his temp, 38.3 Celsius!! (which is like 100.9 Fahrenheit)  we had a little snack then went upstairs to get more rest. We all slept this time and woke up to get ready for dinner.

Noah ate dinner well (he still has his appetite) so that was reassuring. So we will see how he is in the morning.


Noah’s teachers said they had to change his poo poo diaper 6 TIMES today!!  It’s nice knowing the yogurt is having a good effect on him. But a little unfortunate for his teachers…

im just a bit relieved it’s not me… Hehehe


Today as a super duper surprise I went on a field trip with the kids at school to the Zoo!!  it was amazing fun as I haven’t been to a zoo in Japan in quite a while. and being there with 40 odd 4,5, and 6 year olds snakes it even better!!

got to see zebras, giraffes, lions, tigers (no bears)… penguins, monkeys, gorillas, and much more.

while i did enjoy my time i was exhausted when the day was through. But waiting for my train i was greater by this beautiful sky. and the city scape was also quite a sight, though i couldn’t get a photo of it. image

oh well


it has been quite a busy few weeks. i’m a bit behind on the few things I wanna share. but finally I can go on about camp!!

our church had a 1 night sleepover in Ikoma mountains, near our house. the first night was BBQ, then the second day we had breakfast, worship service,games, and lunch. image

it was Noahs first time out camping and he loved every bit!! he tried his hardest to keep up with the big kids running around in circles. then he was so wired it took him forever to fall asleep. and the next day he was at it again!

we had a great time and made some great memories. I can’t wait till our next camping trip!!image

By Myself!

if Noah could talk I think he would be saying that a lot these days!!  as he is able to do more, he wants to do more. and he doesn’t need want any help.

sometimes i’m behind him all the way!! “you can do it!”  and other times… i want to help him so i don’t have a huge mess to clean later. but i guess that comes with the territory.

Noah!! You can do it!!


are coming in!!  A few weeks ago Noah started crying a lot at night. next thing I know I see spots of white in his mouth. a new tooth!!  finally I was able to get a picture of it now that is in completely.

yeah!!  now Noah can start chewing his food!

p.s. he was yelling when I took this picture…


are not fun. especially when you work surrounded by kids who all want your attention and quickly forget what their “inside voice” is.

but i’ve got pain killers and photos of our awesome weekend to look at.  (^_−)−☆

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